About Sandra

About Sandra

Sandra Bouckaert is the specialist helping professionals work together naturally, teaching them to deal with tension and conflicts, so they can achieve their joint goals.

Sandra Bouckaert is a Deep Democracy facilitator/instructor, a Let’s Talk facilitator and Psychodramatist. Other methods which she works with are: Theme Centred Interaction, the Alternatives to Violence Project and Ontological Coaching. Her writing is centred on the themes: leadership, team development, team coaching, conflict, group dynamics, communication and team work.

” I grew up amidst conflict. When I became an adult, I learned how you can deal with conflicts effectively.

The most important value for me in Deep Democracy is that you are constantly searching for alternatives, the deviating, the strange, polarities and for where the friction is. Because that is where wisdom lives. At the same time, it feels unnatural. From a very early age, we are programmed to sweep any tension or conflicts under the carpet, smooth them over or walk away from them. But an essential requirement in organisations is contradiction. Some managers select their new staff members on this basis. We would never have been able to develop as human beings if we had always agreed with one another.

There’s an art to seeing conflict and contradiction. It requires a paradigm shift and a way of thinking in which you see confrontations and opposing opinions as fuel for movement and development. From research we know that managers spend 80% of their time solving disagreements between people and, in a lot of cases, they are not successful. I try to teach people to learn to look at conflicts differently, to see them more as a way of thinking and let them feel more at ease with them.”


Sandra Bouckeart has many years of experience facilitating (team) coaching processes and in giving training courses to government bodies, the healthcare and educational sectors. She has been working for her own company since 2011.

She focusses on issues around conflict, teamwork and communication. She has specialised in Deep Democracy mediation. She has extensive experience in mediation with teams, business partners and colleagues. She works with Patricia van Dienst, lawyer/(community) mediator schooled in the Deep Democracy method. Sandra has developed leadership programmes for organisations which want to be self-managing (in particular in the health care sector). Sandra is an associate partner at the Academie voor Organisatiecultuur (Academy for Organisational Culture). She also has a broad network with numerous business partners with diverse experience, backgrounds and expertise in: Industrial and Organisational Psychology, coaching, training, labour legislation, competence measurements and assessments, recruitment and selection, career advice, drawing up function and competence profiles and corporate anthropology.