The Argument

What is it?

In the Argument you discover contradictions and learn from and investigate differences together. In the Argument the group expresses points of view, interests, motives, feelings, opinions, convictions etcetera. You work from polarities which the group is unable to resolve. These can be recognized in the conversations which keep going in circles over a period of time, both in and outside meetings. Or when there are differences of opinion at play which are never discussed, because they are too stressful. In the Argument, both sides of the contradiction are explored at depth. The conversation ensures that listening takes place at a deeper level. This method differs from traditional methods, because there is no focus on understanding any points of view and because there is no need to defend them. It’s all about actively exploring and strengthening both sides.

When is it best used?

  • if a group is unable to reach a decision,
  • when there are two different visions within one group,
  • if there is a conflict,
  • when a paradigm shift is needed along with the innovative solutions to match.

De mate van emotionele geladenheid kan verschillen: van zakelijke afwegingen tot diepere onderlinge issues.


The Argument is led by a facilitator. The conversation has four stages:

  • 1st Stage: Determine the polarities and agree the rules of communication.
  • 2nd Stage: Say what needs to be said.
  • 3rd Stage: Self-reflection and new insights: discover what has affected you and reflect on the grain of truth which that contains.
  • 4th Stage: Discuss the solution: action plan, agreements and decisions for the future.